Focus France meets Focus UK

2023 is going to be a year packed of international opportunities for circus from Flanders. In March we travel both to France and to the UK, where we will give circus artists the chance to present their projects to international professionals. We also aim to reconnect with these professionals during programmes that we composed especially for this occasion.

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Here you can read the translation of the French text about Focus France in the brochure.

At the end of 2020, our government’s policy surrounding circus challenged us at Circuscentrum to make a more targeted effort to raise the visibility of Flemish circus abroad. To us, the obvious first step was to strengthen ties with France. France is endowed with a long, rich circus tradition, such that its presence extends to every corner of the country. Circus is a part of everyday life in France and that inspires us on our own journey.

Contemporary circus came to the attention of policymakers in Flanders later than it did in France. Still, we are now reaping the benefits of investments that were made over the past two decades. The unique Circus Decree (2008) was given an update in 2019, with the result that 15 organisations are now receiving structural support until the end of 2025. In addition, more and more cultural centres, art houses and festivals are discovering circus as an indispensable addition to their programming. We’re also see a growing number of young people choosing circus from an early age as a creative, physically challenging hobby. Circuscentrum itself has developed into a full-fledged knowledge and support centre for the various branches of the circus sector – traditional, educational, creative. All in all, this provides a context and an opportunity for circus to develop further in all its facets.

As for our link with France, 2023 is looking promising. As well as seeking out opportunities for circus companies to perform, we are also developing long-term international ties through working relationships with a number of partners. We will be crossing the border more than once this year: in the spring we will do so as part of our partnership with SPRING Festival, with whom we will put Flemish circus in the spotlight. Then, for the journées pro on 11 March, we will be offering a broad overview of what’s happening in the field of Flemish circus. We will share a first look at the results of a survey on circus careers and introduce sector professionals to five companies all coming to present their latest creations.
Top tip: be sure not to miss the performances by Collectif Malunés, Circus Katoen and Sinking Sideways at SPRING Festival!

In summary, we’re offering you as many opportunities as possible to discover Flemish work in 2023. You can also see this as an invitation to join forces more often in spreading our shared love of circus. Want to know more? Take a look at our trilingual website, where programmers can find useful info about companies, creations and initiatives. If you haven’t already, do subscribe to our newsletter (FR/ENG) to receive regular updates and invitations to discover work at Flemish festivals and venues.

We wish you a happy journey of discovery!