Be Flat

Ward Mortier, Thomas Decaesstecker
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LIVING (2023)

Double You (2021) 

Follow Me (2018)

Ludo & Arsène (2014)

Be Flat stands for equality, playing for everyone. The goal of artists Ward Mortier and Thomas Decaesstecker is to bring together people from different backgrounds. To connect and inspire by sharing creativity, through movement and sound. To establish a human connection between performer and spectator, while allowing all spectators their own freedom of interpretation, their own personal experience of the performance. 

To make art accessible, you have to be in the public space.

Be Flat vzw was founded in 2017 by Thomas Decaesstecker and Ward Mortier. Recurring themes in the work of Be Flat are territoriality, mobility and the strength of the group. Ward (Ghent, 1993) and Thomas (Tervuren, 1989) first met in 2008 at a parkour gathering in Ghent. Years of shared passion for movement and music naturally led to their first creation Follow Me (2018). An acrobatic in-situ performance that combines freerunning with circus and street theater.