Circ Rodini

Katleen Ravoet, Davide Salodini
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The Amazing Katleen (2023)

Improbabile (2022)

Betrave (2016)

The Big Ball (2012) 

Previous work

Le Cirque du Platzak (2011-2018)

Les Triplettes (2013-2015)

Inspired by the 'old circus', Circ Rodini tries to blow a new wind into the past in combination with giving a meaning to what is happening today. The focus of the works of artists Katleen Ravoet and Davide Salodini is characterized by an acrobatical and theatrical language which carries humour and relativity. Their common passion for circus, street theater and live music made them partners in life too.

Circ Rodini

Bringing smiles to the audience and make them forget their worries for a moment is maybe the most valuable we can do today.