Circus Marcel

Chloé Vancompernolle, Lucie Lepoivre, Emerson Lescot, Joppe Wouters

We're all stupid (in creatie)

Home Made (2017)

Previous work

Nieuwe Programma/Nouveau Programma (2015)

Fietsen (2011)

G4 (2010)

Joplada (2004)

It all started with 'Joplada', a street circus performance, played by Joppe over 360 times in 10 different countries. In 2006, Joppe Wouters en Chloé Vancompernolle jointly decide to fulfil their biggest dream by launching a new big top circus.

Circus Marcel

All the shows of Circus Marcel share the same common threads: collaboration between artists coming from varied horizons, live music, development of new or revisited ancient circus techniques and apparatus, but, above all, getting a huge thrill from doing these things.

Over time, Joppe has become a rigging and security expert for circus events and venues and has also specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of custom circus set ups and equipment (trapeze frames, wheels of death, anchor points, and anything else you can think of).

The last component of the company’s activities is trapeze coaching. Chloé teaches fix, flying and swinging trapeze classes and organizes summer trapeze camps for young kids, teenagers and adults