Circus Ronaldo

Danny, Nanosh, Pepijn & Angelo Ronaldo are accompanied by other circus performers.

Da Capo (2023)
Sono io? (2021)
Swing (2019)
Fidelis Fortibus (2015)
La Cucina dell'Arte (2003)

Previous work

Applaus (2020)
Cinema Malfait (2020)
De Wonderlijke Kerst (2016)
Amortale (2012)
Circenses (2009)
Fili (2000)
Bric a Barak (1998)
Lazzi (1996)
Commediantentheater (1996)

Circus Ronaldo promotes already more than fifty years the Flemish circus art in Europe and beyond. Their performances are constantly looking for powerful formulas, captivating theatre, original combinations and themes that activate the emotions that are most needed at that moment.

Circus Ronaldo connects the past with the future in a recognisable and pure experience of what now is.