Collectif Malunés

Simon Bruyninckx, Juliette Correa, Lola Devault Sierra, Luke Horley, Arne Sabbe, Gabriel Larès, Nickolas Van Corven, Vincent Bruyninckx
Contact & booking

phone +32 495 89 31 63


Nouveau projet chapiteau - sans titre (2025)
There Are No Small Details (2023)
H O M A N (2021)
We Agree To Disagree (2020)
Too Fat To Fly (2018)
Alone, not quite alone (2017)
Forever Happily (2016)

Previous work

Sens Dessus Dessous (2009)

Collectif Malunés began out of the insatiable desire of its members to grow as artistic performers, both on stage and in the streets. To this day the company continues to collectively throw itself into experimentation, play and the ongoing work of creating solidarity between companies, artists, audiences and countries. Utopia for an individualistic society? A collective vision they continue to defend.

OPtreden Collectif Malunés

The creation of collective art is the sharing of an experience. Honestly and physically taking real risks, together.

The collective began in 2009 during their circus education in Tilburg (AcaPa) out of a longing for artistic enrichment. The company? Forty young artists, among whom two brothers, three Flemish artists and one Frenchman, all bursting with ambition and energy.

In 2011 they already won the Big Prize from the Jury as well as the Public’s Prize for ‘Sens Dessus Dessous’ at the Miramiro International Street Festival in Gent.

Once the acrobats graduated in 2013, the show was taken up in the catalogue of the famous agency Frans Brood Productions. The number of dates tripled and ‘Sens Sessus Dessous’ played in England, France, Lithuania, Austria, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and even Venezuela.  In in the ensuing years the collective has continued to develop into the company it is today.