d'irque & fien

Dirk Van Boxelaere, Fien Van Herwegen
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Oh suivant! (2005)

Tais-toi et jongle! (2001)

tobe2 (1997)

Without words, d'irque & fien connect, amaze, move, excite and tickle anyone who is curious. The Belgian pioneers of contemporary circus theatre played in 28 countries, on all continents.

d'irque & fien

Merci de magnifier la poésie comme ca... vous êtes des createurs de bonheur!

An anonymous note under their windshield wipers

Without a doubt, we can present Compagnie d'irque & fien as one of the Belgian pioneers of contemporary in/outdoor circus theatre. Together they created five shows that played hundreds, sometimes more than a thousand of times in 28 countries on all continents. Audiences in China, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Taiwan,... already enjoyed their poetic, musical performances.