Jakobe Geens & company

Organiek Mechaniek (werktitel, in creatie) (in co-creatie met Josse De Broeck)

Bare Body (in co-creatie met Margot Jansens) (2022)

Distort the body (in co-creatie met Margot Jansens) (2021)

GEDACHTEGANG is sensitive circus, that engages with challenging themes with an aware and polyphonous approach. 

GEDACHTEGANG is the thought as line of thought from the past, that we need to shape the present, which implies that the thought can lead the future in a different path.
GEDACHTEGANG is inter: interdisciplinary, international, interaction, interhuman, interpretation, interruption and intercultural.
GEDACHTEGANG creates circus that questions expectations, habits and patterns that are visible in our society.
GEDACHTEGANG is the duo Jakobe Geens and company.