Batist Van Baekel & Henri Kangas

Splash (in creatie)

Shenanigans (2023)

Jam.Shenanigans aims to make room for sillyness in an increasingly serious society. We bring playful and energetic circus with everyday objects and healthy stupidity, aiming to pay tribute to the inner child.

Jam Shenanigans is a fresh, young, and playful duo consisting of Batist Van Baekel (2000, BE) and Henri Kangas (1998, FIN). Henri and Batist met during their studies in Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam (NL), where they quickly encountered that they share an interest in object manipulation. Their style is a combination of high energy, playfulness, and a passion for objects. Their first show Shenanigans is a juggling performance with ordinary toys as an ode to the inner child.