Janni van Goor/Walser vzw

Choreographer Janni van Goor works with various circus artists
Contact & booking

phone +32 495 515 241

phone +32 479 333 847

Previous work

Family trees (2017)

Since many years Janni van Goor has been working with children and young adults, creating performances one can best describe as ‘dance theater’: physical performances, usually without words, staged with visual flair and a sense of humor. 

Janni van Goor

Janni van Goor lives and works in Ghent. She likes to start from the individual possibilities and expressivity of the players, dancers, performers she works with, to activate those capacities through improvisations during the process of rehearsal, and finally to join them in the collective energy on stage. She continuously searches for organic ways of moving, relevant stylizations and a corporeal presence ‘in the moment’.

In circus she found a new environment, a physical presence, that appeals to the imagination.