Post uit Hessdalen

Ine Van Baelen, Stijn Grupping
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phone +32 486 23 63 93


Man Strikes Back (2021)
PAKMAN (2016)

Post uit Hessdalen is the circus company of juggler and videographer Stijn Grupping and director Ine Van Baelen. Together they create hybrid performances centred on bouncy balls and (live) music.

Creations such as PAKMAN (2016) and Man Strikes Back (2020) have been lauded internationally for their attention to detail, their technical ingenuity and their integration with the rhythm and drums of musician Frederik Meulyzer. Adopting a pared-down performance language, Post uit Hessdalen seeks out ways of representing phenomena such as time, space and our virtual future on stage. Such as by literally trying to escape time, or by making the rhythm of the e-economy tangible using bouncy balls, or by sharing the stage with musical robots.

The show is a lovely example of what theatre is capable of doing so well: being wildly entertaining and also building empathy.

Lyn Gardner - The Guardian