Flemish circus sector spends the summer in the UK and France

In the framework of Focus France and Focus UK, there will be plenty of Flemish circus to enjoy at a range of festivals in France and the UK in the summer and autumn of 2023.

Flemish wave in the United Kingdom

In 2023, the collaboration with the UK is high on the agenda. Brexit has not just created extra barriers, but has invited us to look for new ways of collaborating. This means that in 2023, Flemish circus has a strong presence in the UK than ever before. The bonds between Flemish and British circus professionals were consolidated over a successful three-day working visit to the UK in March. This exchange was part of the project ‘Circus connections between Flanders and the UK: Towards a new normal’.  

In the second half of the year, we are building on the connections that have been developed in the meantime. Flemish circus talent will be present in a great many places. We are working together with Kensington & Chelsea Festival, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, Freedom Festival and Out There Festival to name but a few. 

These collaborations are part of the BAR project 'Spotlight on Flemish Circus'  coordinated by Circuscentrum and financed by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (better known as VLAIO). The project focuses on working together with different UK programmers and producers to put Flemish circus creations in the spotlight, facilitate exchanges between Flemish circus professionals and UK professionals and to look into the possibilities and opportunities for long-term collaborations.

Kensington & Chelsea Festival (July-August)

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (25 August-10 September)

Freedom Festival (30 August-3 September)

Out There Festival (15-17 September)

In October, we are joining Crying Out Loud’s Rural Touring project and bringing circus to people in more out-of-the-way places. In the framework of Spotlights on Flanders, we are also offering a professional programme. In consultation with the festivals, we have chosen a different approach. By putting our efforts into sharing knowledge between circus professionals, we want to further build on sustainable relations between both regions.

Last ‘Plateau flamand’ at CIRCA (20-27 October) in Auch, France

For three years, we have intensely consolidated ties with France, primarily to promote Flemish circus. The multi-year pilot project (2021–2023), an initiative of the international cultural policy for Flanders, is coming to an end with this fourth and final Plateau flamand. Plateau flamand is an initiative within the project Focus France, designed to give the visibility and presence of Flemish circus talent in France a boost.

For the last edition of Plateau flamand we work together with CIRCA in Auch. This time Plateau flamand presents:

In addition to Plateau flamand French and international circus professionals can enjoy a Soirée flamand (24 October) and students from the Springboardproject by Ell Circo D'ell Fuego will meet FFEC – Fédération Française des écoles de cirque. 

Whether you’re interested in coming to discover Flemish work or want to join us for other reasons, we look forward to connecting with you!