PLATEAU FLAMAND #4 at the CIRCA festival (AUCH)

For three years, we have been intensively strengthening links with France to promote the Flemish circus. The Focus France project, initiated by Flemish Minister of Culture Jan Jambon, is gradually coming to an end. We are delighted to invite you to discover Flanders' circus talent on the last Plateau flamand during the Circa festival. We look forward to seeing you there!

To see- performances during Plateau flamand

To discover -  presentations of new circus creations

  • Ritselingen by Rode Boom (24 October)
  • 60 degrees of separation by Boegbeeld / Camille Paycha (24 October)
  • DAR by MOVEDBYMATTER (25 October)

To exchange - Bla Bla Circa

Join us on 25 October from 11.30am to 12.30pm at the Chapiteau CIRC for a chat with Flanders-based artists Sinking Sideways and Circumstances about their shows.

To experience - Soirée flamande 

The Flemish circus is all about the relevance of absurdity, twisting norms as a playground. Join us on 24 October at 22:30 in the festival bar for an evening of performances, good beer and music. And if you don't come, godverdomme, we will remember it.

Plateau flamand is an initiative of the Focus France project and aims to boost the visibility and presence of Flemish circus talent in France. Until the end of 2023, Plateau flamand offers circus companies the opportunity to present themselves to the French public.

>>>More info on registering as a professional and tickets on the

website of Circa festival.