Belgian square on Chalon dans la rue 2022

Cour des Belges

Circus in Belgium is booming! This summer you can discover the tantalizing artistic creations of our high-profile artists and companies not only at festivals in our own country, we also cross the border for a major focus in France. During the festival Chalon dans la rue no less than 12 companies join forces to present an extensive and diverse palette of circus performances.

Cour des Belges - plan




BITBYBIT combines a classic circus technique (the Iron Jaw) with an evocative tale about two inseparable brothers. Simon en Vincent Bruyninckx engage in a dangerous game of attraction and repulsion at the limit of their physical ability and only centimetres away from the audience. Their duel, as sensitive as it is spectacular, resonates with a captivating soundtrack by Dijf Sanders.

Moments of performance:

  • 20/07: 20h30
  • 21/07: 12h30
  • 22/07: 20h15
  • 23/07: 12h30

Carnivale - De Machienerie


A fairground village, populated by extraordinary installations, absurd skits and surprising attractions, played, driven and manipulated by its funny inhabitants and the public. Exceptional attractions: The Imaginarium of Capitein Gustav II, The Fabulous Adventures of the Marquis of Equivilly, Animalium and The Giants of the Galapagos, make up this curious fair that transports you into a dreamlike, fantastic universe with an ecological accent!

Moments of performance:

  • 20/07: 18h – 21h (continuous)
  • 21/07: 10h45 – 20h30 (continuous)
  • 22/07: 10h45 – 20h15 (continuous)
  • 23/07: 10h45 – 21h15 (continuous)
  • 24/07: 10h45 – 19h15 (continuous)

Der Lauf - Vélocimanes Associés & Le Cirque du Bout du Monde

Der Lauf

In a dark and intimate atmosphere, halfway between David Lynch and Intervilles, five short pieces in the form of absurd games. Wearing a bucket on his head, this juggler sets off blindly on a series of experiments that will take him where he wasn't expected. You will be his only guide and come what may. Nothing will be able to stop the course of things... Except you, perhaps?

Moments of performance:

  • 21/07: 20h15
  • 22/07: 12h30
  • 23/07: 20h15
  • 24/07: 10h35 & 14h15

League & Legend - 15feet6

League & Legend

In League & Legend 15Feet6 take it to the pitch. Armed with pole vault poles and tape they beat every record on their way to the top. The name of the game is irrelevant, the show anything but. Go 15ft6!

Moments of performance:

  • 21/07: 11h & 13h30
  • 22/07: 18h30
  • 23/07: 16h40 & 18h30
  • 24/07: 12h30 & 16h40

We Agree To Disagree - Collectif Malunés

We Agree To Disagree

"Step into our territory and become actors in our interactive circus experience. Adhere to our values, respect our rules, admire our leaders. Receive your orders and you will be able to participate in the construction of our performance." ​The show will be the result of the impulses, reactions, participation or insurrection of the public. A participative show, where everyone will have his say. But be careful not to get locked up in prison.

Moments of performance:

  • 21/07: 15h20
  • 22/07: 15h20
  • 23/07: 15h20
  • 24/07: 15h20

Encore une fois - Tripote la compagnie

Encore une fois

Encore une fois (again) is the idea that error is permitted. So let's mess it up and start over. From a ping-pong ball to a teeterboard, the elements mix through our musical creation. Three people enter the scene. Accumulation, repetition: playful danger or perilous fragility? Carried by 6 shoulders, thought by 3 heads and signed by 1 collective, Tripotes la Compagnie offers a playful and efficient circus show.

Moments of performance:

  • 20/07: 18h45
  • 21/07: 16h40 & 18h30
  • 22/07: 11h35 & 13h30
  • 23/07: 11h35

Barrière - Sur mesure

Sur mesure

Four artists with a rich background in music, performance, theatre and street theatre come together to fulfil their life’s duty, submitting themselves to the needs of an old barrier. With humor, theater and accidental circustricks composed to a live soundtrack, Barrière invites you to enter a surreal world without doors.

Moments of performance:

  • 20/07: 20h30
  • 21/07: 12h30
  • 22/07: 11h & 12h45
  • 23/07: 21h10
  • 24/07: 11h & 14h15

A 2 mètres - ADM vzw

(c) Gaetan Dardenne

Three elements. Two acrobats on a Chinese pole and this oxygen, the invisible one which is everywhere in the air and yet missing in Jesse's body. With the help of Rocio, Jesse demonstrates that we don't stand on our fears, but on our dreams. He suffers from cystic fibrosis. Together, they evoke the fragility of our existence and the power of hope.

Moments of performance:

  • 20/07: 18h
  • 21/07: 11h45
  • 22/07: 16h40 & 19h30
  • 23/07: 10h50 & 19h30
  • 24/07: 11h40

To Bee Queen - Cie Lady Cocktail

To bee queen

We are in a beehive, the queen arrives among her bees (the members of the audience) for an emergency union meeting. The bees are on strike, they demand a fair redistribution of royal jelly for the entire hive … On the program, acrobatic debate and liberating trapeze. How will this queen of questionable nobility cope with the revolt of the plebs?

Moments of performance:

  • 21/07: 14h30 & 17h30
  • 22/07: 14h30 & 17h30
  • 23/07: 14h30 & 17h30
  • 24/07: 17h30

La Patinoire - 15feet6

Les Patineurs

Roller skating for everyone.

With the performance 'Les Patineurs’, a spectacular battle on roller skates. Duration of the performance: 5 minutes. 

Opening hours (continuously):

  • 20/07: 18h – 21h
  • 21/07: 10h45 – 20h30
  • 22/07: 10h45 – 21h15
  • 23/07: 10h45 – 21h15
  • 24/07: 10h45 – 19h15

Performance Les Patineurs

  • 21/07: 14h15 & 16h30
  • 22/07: 14h15 & 16h30
  • 23/07: 14h15 & 16h30
  • 24/07: 14h15 & 16h30

Connexio - Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant!


This diabolo master and his partner revisit with virtuosity the ancient practice of "dog training". Their relationship reveals a disconcerting humanity. This striking and poignant show is a pure moment of sensitiveness and love. More than a true story, a live story !

Moments of performance:

  • 20/07: 19h45
  • 21/07: 10h
  • 22/07: 10h
  • 23/07: 10h & 13h30
  • 24/07 : 10h & 13h30

Grasshoppers - Circus Katoen


Grasshoppers is a reproduction of the resilience and vulnerability of nature and the role that we as humans play in it. The 'living' green in this world has to endure a lot. With a turf in the lead, Circus Katoen is looking for a playful way to visualize this process.

Moments of performance:

  • 20/07: 19h35
  • 21/07: 10h
  • 22/07: 10h
  • 23/07: 10h
  • 24/07: 10h & 19h15

Pile au Caisse - Cie Vol à l'Étalage

Pile au Caisse

Between fairground attraction and circus performance, “Pile ou Caisse” is a great feat. The team is made up of 3 professional circus with passions as diverse as music, clothes, climbing and parties. They have 1000 ideas in their pockets. From a small village square to festival grounds, no audience could resist the friendly and festive atmosphere ! It only takes a few minutes for this epic attraction to become as big as a real Olympic discipline.

Moments of performance:

  • 21/07: 17h30
  • 22/07: 18h10
  • 23/07: 18h10
  • 24/07: 17h30