Plateau flamand 2022-2023

With the project 'Plateau flamand', Flemish circus companies should get a place to perform in France. This is part of the 'Focus France' project, a project subsidised by the Flemish government to promote Flemish circus(-companies and artists) in France.

When announcing the subsidies for the circus sector for 2021-2025, the Minister of Culture, Jan Jambon announced his intention to also invest in the promotion of the Flemish circus in France. He reserved a budget for this purpose that can be spent from 2021 to 2023.

The project aims to facilitate the exchange of know-how, increase the spread of Flemish circus performances and visibility in the French cultural network. It also aims to support the further long-term professionalisation of our circus sector, anchor and launch new initiatives and improve the international visibility of the entire sector.

In July 2022, the first initiative was La Cour des Belges during the French festival Chalon dans la rue, together with a collective of Belgian companies. 

For the 2022-2023 season, Circuscentrum, Le Prato and La Plateforme 2 pôles cirque en Normandie are joining forces to showcase several Flemish circus companies under the banner Plateau flamand:

  • 24-26 November at Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf with two creations by Alexander Vantournhout. Minister Jan Jambon will attend the performances.
  • March 2023 during the festival Spring with Circus Katoen, Sinking Sideways and Collectif Malunés.
  • March 2023 at Le Prato (Lille) with Circus Katoen and Post Uit Hessdalen.